Our dedicated and compassionate staff is committed to excellence and providing innovative quality care to Simi Valley and surrounding communities.

Our purpose is to help you return to your optimal level of functioning.

Here’s what our patients are saying:

Before beginning physical therapy I was feeling numbness and tingling in my arms daily. I don’t feel the numbness any more. My neck feels better too. I don’t have the stiffness that I had before and had gotten used to. The exercises I have been doing at therapy and home have helped me to become stronger and helped to alleviate my symptoms.
The staff at Simi Physical Therapy was amazing!


Prior to coming to SPTC Simi Physical Therapy Center I had done stomach crunches for more than 30 years gaining nothing from them other than subsequently developing chronic low-grade back pain. SPTC taught me how to do crunches properly, as well as four other exercises that form the core of the home-care for my spine. For the first time in my life, my abs have definition and I’ve stopped having nasty twinges when I roll over in bed. JD

When I first began physical therapy at your facility I had a pain level between 5-6. With the expert care of your skilled therapists I rarely experience pain and am now 0-1 on the pain scale. I also have no longer felt the need for another cortisone shot.
Thank you for your quality care once again!


Before starting physical therapy my right knee was weak. It was an effort to climb stairs and I had pain in the area of knee cap when keeling. Now there is almost no pain when doing exercise and takes less effort when climbing stairs. I believe the physical therapy helped with reducing the pain and I have gained strength. VB

Prior to Physical therapy I could not sit for long periods of time at work, driving or at home and could not bend over or exercise without pain. After therapy I have no pain sitting or bending over and have started working out again at the gym with no problems. JS

When I first started therapy I could only run for about 5 minuets without pain. I had pain walking around the house sometimes as well. Now I can run 3 miles and do all activities without any pain or pressure. LM

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After therapy my knee is very comfortable in movement as I am able to move up and down stairs with ease and comfort. My range of movement is now ten times better than before! TE

Before therapy I could not do anything with my back and had to wear my brace all day. Now I can do things without my back hurting like dancing, exercise and sitting and I wake up with no pain. RB

After therapy I am now very pleased that I can do things comfortably again that I once took for granted like mowing the lawn, raising my arms over my head or behind my back. Thank you AH

I can now raise my hand much higher than before and do not have the pain that I once had. MS

Today I feel very, very good and I have no pain and can sleep much better without my back hurting. And don’t take any pain medication now. When I first came in my neck and back was very painful and tight and I was on pain medication. MM

After therapy at Simi Valley Physical Therapy Center I can now walk much better with my cane. I can walk backwards and forwards better as well and go sideways. I now have good balance and am able to get up from chairs, bed and sofa without any problem and do not have to hold onto anything to do so. JT

My therapy is going well. Today I am feeling much better, pain has subsided and I can even move and sleep better. The people at SPTC are wonderful! I could never have made it without them. ST

Prior to my therapy sessions I had limited range of movement, along with weakness in my left knee. After repeated therapy sessions I’ve had dramatic increase in strength in left knee and leg, along with much increased range of movement with no pain.
Therapy sessions greatly increased a feeling of “Normal” knee operation


I am definitely stronger and looser since I started therapy. Stairs and walking in general are much easier. SC